Treatment Options

We believe your massage and bodywork session is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. We offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time. All sessions complete with

Complimentary Alkaline Water, Warm Towels, Hot Tea, and Aromatherapy.

By Appointment Only

1 Hour

90 Minute

2 Hour



Deep Tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage is a specific type of massage therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body; and recommended by many doctors as a treatment option. With my Deep Tissue Massage therapy, patients claim to feel relaxed and renewed after each session.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in each patient's body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. As a certified Massage Therapist, I help patients reduce their stress and anxiety, among other ailments.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that originated in China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction facilitates healing with blood flow, as well as the flow of “qi” in the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the client's body of to maximize the therapeutic benefit. The stones used are typically river rocks or other very smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt.

Body Scrub

A body scrub is a skin care product whose primary function is to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation as well as cleanse the skin and increase the body's blood circulation. Using a mixture of essential oils with either a salt or sugar base to leave you feeling fresh and your skin looking rejuvenated and revitalized.

Alkalizing Foot Bath

Try this simple anti-inflammation remedy that can be used to treat dry skin, sore muscles, small wounds,  fight illness, and restore pH balance.

4 Hands - 1 Heart

$120 for 1Hr Massage with 2 Therapists

Four Hands Massage is an exceptional massage therapy experience. A full body massage with two specially trained massage therapists using their four hands, with customized pressure and choreographed, rhythmic movements, to induce maximum muscle relief and relaxation.


Reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet and hands linked to every part of the body, based on many years of tradition. 

Couples Massage

Let us pamper you and your loved one in a couples massage session.  Both parties will enjoy a relaxing massage in the same room together with two great therapists.  All inclusive packages also available. 

Is this a special occasion?  Let us know how we can help ;)

1 Hour Couples Massage $130

2 Hour Couples Massage $260

*Some add on services available

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas help your body release a number of toxins, including heavy metals like mercury and lead, and environmental chemicals through the skin.  It can also help you to lose weight,  relax, relieve unwanted pain, increase your circulation, and purify your skin.


Every Body Needs Massage


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